At no time are students allowed to punch or kick at each other without a Black Belt
Instructor present. In other words, no playing around will be tolerated!

Only students with full protective sparring equipment will be allowed to spar each other.

All students must wear protective sparring equipment when participating in sparring
drills or sparring.

Protective Sparring Equipment consists of:
1. Protective Headgear (Helmet)
2. Mouth Guard
3. Chest Protector
4. Gloves (Punches)
5. Groin protector
6. Shin Guards
7. Boots (Kicks)

No sparring is allowed at any time without supervision of an instructor.

Level of allowable contact is determined by the Instructor.

No strikes to the groin or open areas of the face are allowed.

All contact will be light and controlled to all legal target areas.

Legal target areas are as follows:
The protective headgear (not the nose or face area),
The front of the body above the belt (no kicks below the belt),
The rib cage area (not the back).

For safety, students should not wear rings, watches, bracelets, chains or
earrings during sparring class.

Finger and toenails must be kept near and trimmed.

Never strike to injure your training partner.

Good control must be exercised at all times.
This also includes emotional control.

In the event of accidental injury, notify the instructor immediately.