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Strength Forged
By Adversity
Sparring & Weapons Training Program
Parents, Teens, or Students that have attended Stranger Ranger I & II have an opportunity
to take training to a higher level and advance their skills in the Spartans Program. These new challenges will skyrocket excitement, enthusiasm and education to new heights while continuing
to advance with our rotating belt curriculum.
A purchase of training weapons and protective sparring gear will be necessary to participate  in
this higher level of education. You can be assured that the benefits far exceed the investment.
The cost of the training package is the best price available for this quality of equipment.
As always, safety and self-defense education is our top priority and we thank you for your

Proper protective sparring, training weapons, and signed liability waiver are mandatory for

Participants must be a minimum of 8 years old with a yellow belt or have the
instructor's permission.
Package & Price Lists availale in class