Stranger Ranger is an on-going program is set-up on a Martial arts belt advancing system.
Your child can become a "Certified Black Belt"
Stranger Rangers learn how to defend themselves with our
Fun Anti-kidnapping & Child defense curriculum.
The Stranger Rangers also enjoy our Parades & Safety Tournaments!
Anti-kidnapping & Child Defense program
Stranger Ranger is a safe and effective program that teaches children how
to defend themselves against bullies, predators, and kidnappers.

Children learn how to avoid abduction, escape dangerous situations, and
get help.

This anti-kidnapping child-defense program supports good values, builds
self-confidence, reinforces respect, honor, and discipline.

This curriculum includes games, role playing, test, and fun competitions.
"Parent Days" are scheduled every season so adults can participate
and join in on the fun.
This is a program that every child should attend. 
"Every Day A Child Disappears
at 70 miles per hour"
In the year 1999 there were an estimated 58,200
child victims of (non-family) abduction in the U.S.
Belt System
How to Tie
A Belt
Rules & Etiquette
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